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Your Legacy Solutions

Your Legacy Solutions

Your will made easy in record time and highly affordable too

We do Wills and Legacy Planning Exceptionally Well!

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign. If you die without a valid Will in England or Wales the law can decide who has responsibility for children under 18 and who receives your money, property, cars, pets and all your other belongings.


Making a Will clarifies your wishes and enables you to give your loved ones financial protection after you die

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Expressing your wishes of who should benefit after your death.

Power of Attorney

Deciding who can make decisions on your behalf should you be incapacitated.

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Holding and protecting your assets for the future.

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Vulnerable Beneficiary

Helping to protect the assets and wishes of vulnerable people.

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Inheritance Tax Planning

Passing on your legacy in the most tax efficient way.

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Putting family first with assistance in administering the estate


Was recommended to this company by a family member

From start to finish, they have been nothing but totally professional, friendly and very efficient. All matters regarding my family's requirements have been dealt with in a well organised manner and I cannot fault them at all. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a proficient, competent and capable company, they need look no further than John Heavens and his team. Cannot thank them enough.

Over Twenty Years Providing User-Friendly And Professional Legacy

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What is Legacy Planning?

Most people who make a Will usually do a simple mirror Will (everything to a partner and then to the chosen beneficiaries). This approach generally comes with limited advice be it with a local solicitor or an on-line service. Legacy Planning, on the other hand, is the art of designing a Legacy Plan with the intention of protecting your assets from:

  • Re-marriage after the death of a spouse or partner which can lead to children and other family members becoming partly or wholly disinherited. This is because the law in some cases favours new partners, husbands or wives over that of bloodline children. It has been known for such bloodline children to miss out to step-children. Legacy Planning can become the foreseeability which heads off that possibility.

  • The impact of care fees. This is a complex area and a cautious approach should be taken with specialist advice from people who know and understand the law. Care is very expensive and can erode assets very quickly. We structure Legacy Plans so that the control of your assets stay within your family circle and not that of the local authority. Note: one should never deliberately set up a legal structure to avoid paying for care fees, particularly if it is done close to the event.

  • Inheritance tax which for some can have a drastic impact on the amount you eventually pass to your children or other family members. With the right level of advice and guidance you can substantially reduce the tax that your estate pays to the government (unless you prefer HMRC to your family members which is unlikely we know)! Note: we are not tax advisers although we do provide tax advice in association with our legal partner.

  • To care for a vulnerable child or adult in so far as you can include trusts known as Vulnerable Persons Trusts (VBTs). These are carefully designed to take account of the needs of a vulnerable person and to include provisions for care funding and special situations such as trips or housing costs. This is one of our favourite areas of our work and the outcomes are very special to us.

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Planning your Wills and making provision for your loved ones doesn't need to be difficult

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