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Praying Together

Legacy Connect

Keeping your legacy connected to our expertise 

Legacy Connect is a carefully designed ongoing Client Care service. It is based on the principle that the greater our interaction with you, the greater the benefit to you and your family in the long-term.

Legacy - ensuring your assets pass to the right people.

Connect - A commitment to staying on top of changes in your family circumstances and notifying you of legislative changes.  

What does Legacy Connect Provide?

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You and your family receive - secure document storage 

Your original legal documents (Wills, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorneys (LPAs), land registry documents etc) will be safely and securely stored so they cannot be lost, damaged, destroyed or tampered with.  You have invested a lot of time, effort and money in to writing your Will, Trust and LPAs; it is extremely important that they are stored somewhere safe and secure and are quickly available when needed.  

You and your family receive - amendments when needed 

We maintain regular contact with you and your family and are able to provide amendments to your Wills, Trusts and related documents. This is especially important when considering executors, trustees, guardians of children, charitable gifts and other incidental changes.  

You and your family receive - ongoing expert advice 

Your wishes, circumstances and the law may change from time-to-time. Some changes are out of your control such as inheritance tax and we will advise you on these changes.  It is vital you regularly review your legacy planning to make sure that it is still appropriate after any changing circumstances. 

You and your family receive - access to other vetted professional services 

We can recommend trusted professional service providers with an outstanding track record, including financial services, vulnerable persons trusts & advice, probate and a host of other services.

The 10 Principal Benefits of Legacy Connect 

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1. Independent safe and secure document storage 

Storage of your completed Wills, LPAs, Trust deeds and any other important legal documents (e.g. Title Deeds), offsite in an independent, fire and water-proof professional document storage facility. Your documents can always be retrieved at your request (normally within 48 hours).  


2. Free reviews 

Free reviews of your legacy planning documents (Wills, Trusts and LPAs).  It is Important to review your Wills and other documents every 3 to 5 years or following a change of circumstances.  Legacy Connect includes a free review, either by a telephone consultation or home visits for frail or potentially vulnerable people with one of our qualified advisers.  

3. Free basic updates 

Free basic updates of your Wills drafted by Your Legacy Solutions Ltd. You can make basic changes to your Wills as many times as you wish. You should only do so after a consultation to ensure you have received the correct advice and guidance. This includes providing legal support in dealing with a Local Authority should you need to go into care.   

4. Upgrade price promise 

If you upgrade from a Will Trust to a Lifetime Trust, you will receive a discount equal to your initial fees paid towards Wills and Will related trust. 

A Lifetime Trust can be a more comprehensive legacy planning solution than a Will Trust as it protects your wealth and assets from a range of potential threats.

5. Free probate meeting 

Legacy Connect entitles your executors and loved ones to a free one-hour consultation with one of our fully qualified probate specialists (normally charged out at £150 per hour).  The legal process of probate can be a very time-consuming task (usually taking some months) and is onerous in terms of personal legal and financial responsibility for the executors.  This free consultation brings peace of mind and often shortens the time scale of the process. 

6. Probate discount of 10% 

If you decide to appoint our recommended partner law firm to carry out the probate, we have secured a 10% discount to their normal fees. The average cost of professional probate can be up to £9,000 (a discount of £900).  If your executors wish to carry out the probate work themselves, we can also provide some basic guidance in the task of completing probate work via a ‘Probate Assist’ service at a fixed cost. 


7. Friends and family discount of 10% 

If we have written your Wills or helped you with your legacy planning to maximise your loved ones' inheritance, it makes sense for us to do the same for your friends and family. If you choose to refer someone to us, you will receive £50; and your friend or family member will get a 10% discount on all services they take up.


8. Email updates 

We believe that it is essential that we keep in touch with you (and your family) and to that end we shall include you on our periodic news updates in respect of Will, trusts and LPAs. You can opt out of this at any time.

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