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Will for Business Owners

If you are the owner of a Limited Company or Limited Liability Company or Partnership, your share value and other business assets may be eligible for property relief or BPR as it was once known.


There are certain qualifying assets and those held in companies are normally able to pass to the beneficiaries without IHT becoming due.


This is because the Government does not want to jeopardise the continuation of the company by levying high death taxes. For this reason it may be necessary to include your business asset into our Legacy Planning so as not to miss out on IHT exceptions.


We either do this via the Will or, in some cases, with the use of a business trust which allows the equivalent share value to be paid into the trust and at the same time to be available to the surviving spouse and children.

Wills for Landlords

Image by Dylan Gillis

During recent tax years it has become clear the Government is not in favour of second properties which are being let out to private tenants.


For that reason, it is advised to take specialist advice on the best way to arrange your assets and how to take income and pass those assets to the next generation.


We are able to make a clear assessment of your current tax and legacy planning requirements in conjunction with our tax partners.

Planning your Wills and making provision for your loved ones doesn't need to be difficult
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